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JUNG has its headquarters in Schalksmühle in Saarland. Administration, development center, manufacturing, sales, training center and metalworking. The focus of this medium-sized company with more than 1,400 employees, 20 subsidiaries and 70 representative offices in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America is to combine international growth with local social responsibility. In 1912, Albrecht Jung founded a small company near the present site of Schalksmühle. JUNG's products and systems are appreciated all over the world as a guarantee of high quality. JUNG products, developed and produced in Schalkesmülle and Lünen, combine innovation, functionality, durability and aesthetics. JUNG is produced in Germany with a focus on sustainable development and manufacturing processes, short logistics routes to suppliers and energy-efficient production.  

Precision in the manual processing and high design quality ensure that the products are high quality and robust. A long production life is important to us. The entire life cycle of the architecture and the building products used in it moves ever more strongly into the consciousness of the users and also affects our production and our products.

 Millions of socket inserts and recessed sockets and switches as well as KNX products manufactured on fully automatic production lines leave the JUNG factories every year. Tools developed and manufactured in-house guarantee maximum precision. With a production rate of over 90% in Germany, JUNG is certified by TÜV Nord with the "Made in Germany" certification mark. We regularly represent an external auditor who checks compliance with the requirements in the company.