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KNX is an international standard for home networking and automation. It is an open standard developed by the KNX Association and is used to connect different systems within a home, such as lighting, alarms, air conditioning, sun protection and much more.


The KNX system is built on a bus structure, which means that all devices are connected to a common data bus, and can communicate with each other via it. It makes it possible to control and monitor all devices from a single place, for example via a central device or a mobile app.



One of the great advantages of KNX is that it is flexible and scalable. New devices and functions can be added as needed, and it's easy to make devices from different manufacturers work together. It is also possible to integrate KNX with other systems such as smart assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.


KNX is a popular standard in smart home and automation, and there are many manufacturers and installers offering KNX products and services. It is a reliable and powerful solution for creating a smart and automated home.