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2ctrl was founded in 2012 by former electricians with experience from the installation industry. Today, we work with several different types of customers where over the years we have delivered to projects such as hotels, hospitals, large office complexes and villas. In 2015, we took the next step when we became part of Milega Group with the goal of developing the company and us as people. During the end of 2015, we then joined KNX Sweden in order to be able to participate and influence the industry's development. For those who are interested, we also have the opportunity to train and certify people in KNX.

We work with everything from architects, consultants, property owners, installers and integrators to wholesalers and central builders. In everything we do, technology and design are in focus, which means that we are happy to work with supporting architects with suggestions on how to use the latest technology at the same time to build a nice architectural appearance with a focus on design to fit into the overall picture.